Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe

This song played at my moms funeral. She always loved this song and my mom and I had MANY talks about what we thought we would do when we were standing before God. My mom always thought she would fall to her knees in awe of the Lord. She always said she wasn't scared of death she was scared to leave all of us but she couldn't wait to be home with Her savior and Lord. She looked forward to the day that she could see again perfectly without seeing double, that her legs wouldn't give out, and that she was no longer in pain. Even though I wasn't ready, my dad wasn't ready, my brothers our spouses and our kids were not ready, we know for a doubt our mom (wife/grandma/mother-in-law) is in the arms of Jesus. My moms faith was present and she loved the Lord our God with all her heart, soul, and mind. I know that one day I will see my mom again!

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